When I gaze out of my window I see raindrops falling from gray sky.
It has been pretty much the same weather during the whole week.

Are we in June?
Is this supposed to be summer?
Where is the sun and the beautiful blue sky?

I cannot help but long back to those blissful days in Cape Town.
I cannot help but to complain to my friends about my misery.
How can this possible be summer???

Bad weather day in and out !
Just, awful!

During times like this my mind tend to trail back to past events.
My memories goes back to my all time favourite place .
Seapoint Swimming pool.

 It was introduced to me by the Seal which I adore so much!
I love those times we spend together , because being with her I've learned so much !

( This is The Seal / my personal Guru / Dr. Phil / my own Opera Winfrey in Spanish version <3 )

To get access to Seapoint swimming pool ,
you have to take the public transport which will cost only 5RAN.
You can take any car , who has a guy hanging outside the truck calling :
" SEA POINT SEAPOINT " with a strong South- African accent.

 For only 15RAN you can spend your whole day next to the sea.
Either you want to tan yourself on the grass or just take a dip in the pool.
Including in the price around 18.00 - 18.30 the sun will do present a magical trick called :
The awesome South African sunset.

After the magic show , I bet you will be at awe.
Because I was .

Have a nice rainy summer !


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12.07.2011 kl.09:49

Ah - this is such a nice post!

Why are you in Cape Town for 4 months? Or still am?

Hope you love my city as much as I love it!


15.07.2011 kl.15:22


Hey, sorry for a late answer but I havent had so much time lately.

I love your city so much and miss it dearly!

The reason for staying in Cape for 4 months was because I studied english

with a EF an english program.

You can find it on kloof streef 89 :)

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